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Jo Lopez
Artist | Student | Digital Art
New Zealand
Student learning 3D animation, film, visual effects, motion graphics, gaming and concept art.

Defenestration is the act of throwing someone or something out of the window. And if I could get away with that right now and if law and the rules of the universe didn't exist for just one moment, I totally would.

I'm trying to look for 3D models online to use for my animation assignment. We're about as knowledgeable as a pack of raisins when it comes to 3D modelling, so we basically have to rely on the generosity of online modellers to give us free assets. 

However, I suppose this is a desperate business, so people don't tend to be that generous. For the cheapest models I can find, I'm already racking up over $100 to spend on assets. I'M A TEENAGE GIRL AND I WANT TO SPEND OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS ON A WHOLE BUNCH OF PRETTY LOOKING PIXELS. Forget about shopping sprees, late night clubbing and all o' that! If I could just freely waste my money on these fancy assets without consequence, that would be great.

And because I'm a cheap-ass, I thought I'd invest some of my time in learning how to model in ZBrush to save myself money for future projects. Big mistake.

I'm happily following along with online tutorials, scouring the depths of the internet for some decent looking rope videos (I need to model a rope..) and I've come across a few videos that just blatantly piss me off. They start off with this beautiful amazing final product at the start of the video that shows you what you're going to be creating. At this point, you're drooling and swear to convert religion to the YouTube user that uploaded it if you can get it to work. 

But then as you progress, you've realized you've made a horrible mistake. One moment, they're telling you exactly how to go about modelling. "Click here, transform this, enter in this numerical value to make this look slightly more fabulous..." and I shit you not, next second "Flip this upside down, perform a somersault with three hands behind your back and balance a burrito on your nose at the same time". SERIOUSLY. WHY. DO. YOU. DO. THIS.

Isn't the purpose of a tutorial for beginners to follow along cheerily, and you both work together to achieve a satisfying final result? I can FREAKING HEAR YOU click-clacking away in the background, rapidly typing multiple sets of shortcuts while I'm dumbfounded as the screen I'm trying to follow along from is going berzerk with all your crazy combos, and I can't keep up because I don't know what you're doing. 

FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, if you are going to upload videos like that to the internet, please feel free. But do not include words like "beginner" and "tutorial" in it, so us modelling n00bs have gotten about an hour through your video before giving up in frustration. And that just basically applies to anything vaguely tutorial based. If I see another one of these video uploaders post the same stuff like that again, I'ma throw a potato at you.

  • Listening to: Eminem - Bad Guy
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Mango Juice

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